JDM Option International Article, June 2009

"Since this event was sanctioned by D1 UNDERGROUND, Ross Petty, Drifting Main Instructor, D1/Formula D Pro Driver, selected 3 drift drivers who could directly entry into the D1 driver search. 3 drivers are Charlie Ng, Nick Hogan, and Jeffrey Guillotte. Congratulations!!!

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Keane Davis said:
Hey Charles, Your skills are amazing. Every time you drive you always pick the best line. Ive never seen a stock 240 keep the momentum and speed you are able too. Your a great driver. keep it up.
Jason Truong said:
Wow.. I again would like to thank you Charles for yesterday! Last week my best times were 58.6, yesterday after you talked to me, i managed to get a 56.4 in my first session and then later at night i hit a 54.0 flat!! i really want to go faster but i think i've hit the limit of my skills and my car... haha but please ride with me again and tell me what you think! thank you
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